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Catskingdomusa Lord Biron

Lord Biron is British Shorthair/ black/genetically ticked/male (born 01.18.2018)
Lord Biron was born in our cattery and he was our dream for long time waiting. Black color looks very specific and great. He will be our next star on the cat shows. And he has great genetic lines, what should to give us many many beautiful kittens.


Catskingdomusa Ballou

Ballou is British shorthair/red genetically ticked/ D/ male
(Born 06.10.2016). Ballou was born in our cattery.
He is only 6 month old and he already won a few cat shows in the TICA system. Ballou has great show temperament, beautiful body and unbelievable coat for red color.


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Your Majesty Q-Pi-Don

Q-Pi-Don is British genetically shorthair/cinnamon/ Q/ male (Born 01.04.2016) Q-Pi-Don came to us from cattery Your Majesty breeder Ludmila Nitchenko. I’m happy to have him because it was my dream to get a cinnamon cat in my cattery. Q-Pi-Don has huge body, beautiful coat and so sweet character.


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