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Catskingdomusa Ballou

Ballou is British shorthair/red genetically ticked/ D/ male
(Born 06.10.2016). Ballou was born in our cattery.
He is only 6 month old and he already won a few cat shows in the TICA system. Ballou has great show temperament, beautiful body and unbelievable coat for red color.


Your Majesty Q-Pi-Don

Q-Pi-Don is British genetically shorthair/cinnamon/ Q/ male (Born 01.04.2016) Q-Pi-Don came to us from cattery Your Majesty breeder Ludmila Nitchenko. I’m happy to have him because it was my dream to get a cinnamon cat in my cattery. Q-Pi-Don has huge body, beautiful coat and so sweet character.


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