Attention buyers! We are very careful with our breeding lines. If you are interested in our kitten, please write more information about yourself what are you kitten for breeding or neutered? Do you have a registered cattery or are you a beginner? If you are asking just one question: “How much are your kittens?”, We will not answer. Thanks for understanding!


Darling Female 03/30/17 cinnamon tortie Sold


Whiskey male
06/06/17 Blue Sold



Winnie Pooh
07/26/17 Blue Sold



07/26/17 Blue Sold



07/26/17 Blue Sold



07/26/17 Cinnamon For Sale

$ 2000


Victoria female 06/25/17 Blue sold


Vanessa female 07/25/17 Blue Sold


Violetta female 06/25/17 Blue For Sale


Venera female 06/25/17 Blue sold


Litter “H”
Mother: Jamaika of Kotoffski + Father: Catskingdomusa BLLOU


Hamlet male 08/06/17 Cinnamon For Sale


Hardy male 08/06/17 Chocolate For Sale


Hector male 08/06/17 Chocolate For Sale


Litter “I”
Mother: Golan Filicity- Yasmine + Father: Catskingdomusa BLLOU


Iago male 08/11/17 Chocolate sold


Ignazio male 08/11/17 Chocolate For Sale


Igor male 08/11/17 lilac Reserved


Ice cream male 08/11/17 Chocolate For Sale